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Spring 2019

  • Morning Bins - Janet Diddle, Jessica Weaver, Erin Bade, Laura Krebehenne, Jeaneen Durham, Mariah Gibbs (GES)

  • Positive Learner Engagement through Pedaling - Julie Wilcox (GIS)

  • Makerspace Innovations, Phase 2 - Beth Downing (GES)

  • Ace Drone Racing League - Christian Reinke (GMS/GHS)

  • Musicians’ Workshop: Student Choice and Self Differentiation in the Music Classroom - Emily Hartman (GIS)

Fall 2018

  • GaGa for GaGa Ball - Paul Drake, Travis Morris (GES)

  • Creating a Maker Space - Elizabeth Untied (GES)

  • Raising Readers - Susan Tallentire, Pam Bice (GMS)

  • Magnify 21st Century Learning with High Quality Microscopes - Jennifer Newell, Josh Levine (GHS)

Spring 2018

  • Inspirational and Challenging Titles for Book Room - Amanda Gurney (GES)

  • Classroom Amplification - Emily Browder, Holly Wheeler, Carrie Bell, Lori Fuller (GES)

  • Makerspace Innovations - Beth Downing, Amanda Tucker, Tammy Breymaier, Emily Hartman, Yvonne Hammonds, Leslie Hopping, Sarah Giannetto (GIS)

Fall 2017

  • Differentiated Math Centers - Laura Weaver (GES)

  • GES Courtyard - Kristen Pargeon, Patrick Malecky, Jane Ludwig (GES)

  • Alternative Seating in Kindergarten Pod - Janet Diddle, Laura Krebehenne, Holly Wheeler (GES)

  • Therapy Dog - Misti Baker Postle (GMS)

  • Stability Ball Chairs to Increase Learning in the Classroom - Nancy Nesbitt (GIS)

Spring 2017

  • Wireless Smart Carts for Physics Lab - Diane MacDonald (GHS)

  • DrumFit - Meredith Ervin, Emily Hartman, Andrew Krumm (GIS)

  • Project Based Learning Units for Gifted Education - Laura Weaver (GES)

  • Steel the Elementary (Steel Drums) - John Krumm, Andrew Krumm (GES)

Fall 2016

  • Innovative Agricultural Practices in a 21st Century - Derrick Fisher, Jim Reding, Evan McCullough (GHS)

  • Video Production Mobile Maker Space - Sally Gummere, Evan McCullough (GHS)

  • Tinker Space to Spur Student Invention - Erica Mackley, Evan McCullough (GMS)

Spring 2016

  • Smart Drone - Evan McCullough, Jim Reding, J.R. Wait, Jerod Smith (GHS)

  • Granville Solvents Kiosks - Jim Reding (GHS)

  • World Language Reading Library - Tracey Salinas (GMS/GHS)

  • Simulations for Project Based Learning - Laura Weaver (GIS)

  • LearnFit Desks - Meredith Ervin, Jen Riley (GIS)

Fall 2015

  • Chromalux Lamp and Mat Cutter- Sarah Noblett (GHS)

  • Electric String Quartet - Samantha Schnabel (GHS) in partnership with Granville Music Boosters

  • Movement in the Classroom - Karly Worrall (GHS)

  • Bringing Fun and Deep Thinking to Math- Leslie Hopping (GIS)

  • Heart Safe School CPR program - Shelby Gaul, Ann Varrasso, Amy Petryk, Gina Burdick (GES/GIS/GMS/GHS)

Spring 2015

  • DIY Touch Table - Sally Gummere and Glen Welker (GHS)

  • Fit4Life - Sue Zeanah and Ralph Hicks (GMS)

  • Brick Lab Across the Curriculum - Jessica Wilson, Donna Murphy and Lisa Stankunas (GES/GIS)

  • Classroom Smart Board - Blair Linton (GES)

Fall 2014

  • Global Greatness - Jeremy Hopping and Sally Gummere (GHS)

  • DIY Book Scanner - Glen Welker (GHS)

  • Science Olympiad - Joshua Grischow (GMS)

  • 3D Printing: Bringing Design to Prototype - Christian Reinke (GMS/GHS)

  • Word Processing - Beth Wait (GIS)

  • Counting Steps Pedometers - Meredith Ervin (GIS)

  • Learn Pads - Robin Massey (GES)

Spring 2014

Fall 2013

  • Extending the Season: Hoop House- Jim Redding, Cindy Shaffer, Craig McDonald, Barb Blatter (GHS)

  • Adventures of E-Readers - Sally Gummere and Elizabeth Simmons (GHS)

  • Linguafolio - Tracey Salinas (GMS/GHS)

  • Roots of Rhythm (Drums) - Emily Axel (GIS)

  • Mirabilus Cell Project - Rebecca Evans, Amanda Tucker, Kerri Neale, Jeanna Giovannelli, Emily Axel (GIS)

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