The Foundation is administered by a volunteer Board of Trustees that acts independently and separately from the Granville Board of Education. There are two classes of trustees: Permanent Trustees, appointed by virtue of position; and Elected Trustees, representing various categories of community members. Elected trustees serve 3-year terms and may serve up to two full terms. In 2012, an advisory committee was created.

The Board meets periodically throughout the year to administer the business of the Foundation.

The Board of Trustees For 2018-2019

Laura Romano (President)

Christy Charvat (Vice President)

Nate Willison (Treasurer)

Aimee Parsley-White (Secretary)

Alex Compton

Amy Dell

Lee Heckman

Brad Hyslop

Nicole Jardell

Janice LoRaso

Jim Mattimoe

Chris Montgomery

Aimee Sanders

Karla Shockley McCarthy

Debbie Thomas

Thomas Miller (School Board Rep)  

Superintendent Jeff Brown (Permanent)

Michael Herring (Advisor)

Ryan Bernath (Advisor)

Mary Lee Van Meter (Advisor)


Previous Presidents

Wendy Bittel

Amy Mock

Elizabeth Mayberry

Susan Ginise

Melissa Pintar Obenauf

Jessen Havill

Carol Bush

Sharon Phelps

Lori Green

Michael Menzer

Stephen Mintos

James R. Havens

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